Tom Pauly and his wife Laura have been in the farming business all their lives. Tom and his brother took over their father’s dairy farm. Tom moved over into the seed business in 1987 and then in 1999 began no-tilling his land. In 2000, he decided to sell his portion of the dairy business to his brother and go into the seed business full-time.

Tom is a member of the Kansas Crop Improvement Association (KCIA) and is currently a member of the board. He is also a proud board member of the South Central Kansas Residue Alliance (SCKRA), a 10-county no-till organization which ‘aims to further the knowledge base of local producers in the art and science of residue management and the principles involved.’ Tom is fascinated by the science of crop residue and all of its benefits to the soil.

Tom has also been a featured speaker at the annual No-Till on the Plains conference talking about his personal experience using no-till farming and cover crops. He uses a 9-way blend of cover crop seeds including sun hemp, radishes, oats and all types of peas.

It is said ‘behind every great man, there is a great woman,’ and Laura Pauly is certainly no exception to that. While she says she does more of the ‘behind the scenes’ work, such as delivering seed and keeping up with all the necessary paperwork and balancing the books, Tom admits, he could not run the business without her.

In their spare time, the Paulys enjoy spending time with their 3 grandchildren, Morgan and Garrett, in Denver Colorado, and Emersyn in Wichita, Ks. It’s always special when they come to the farm!  They also like to play cards, travel, spend time with their friends, and cheer on their nieces and nephews who are attending K-State. Go Wildcats!