Certified Seed Wheat

Certified Seed Wheat

Certified Seed Wheat

Every year, Tom Pauly Seed chooses wheat varieties it believes will be the best suited for customers in south-central Kansas and Oklahoma. We have raised these varieties and can give you the best in-depth knowledge about traits and potential yields. Varieties available in 2021

  • LCS Atomic AX
  • LCS Photon AX
  • LCS Helix AX
  • LCS Fusion AX
  • LCS Valiant
  • LCS Julep
  • WB 4401
  • WB 4269
  • WB 4699
  • WB 4303
  • SY Bob Dole
  • KWA Zenda
  • KWA Hatchett
  • Jagger
  • OGI Doublestop CL+

Doublestop CL+

This is a newer 2-gene Clearfield wheat from OSU and marketed by Oklahoma Genetics, Inc. By having two genes for herbicide tolerance, Doublestop CL+ has much better tolerance to Beyond herbicide than on-gene Clearfield varieties. You can also use methylated seed oil (MSO) with Beyond when making the herbicide application to this variety, which can improve control of feral rye, cheatgrasses, jointed goatgrass an other problem grasses. Doublestop CL+ has generally had better yield record so far in K-State tests than in OSU tests. Its yields have been especially good in eastern and central Kansas. There were no leaf diseasese in 2014 . If leaf diseases are a problem, it will do best if sprayed with a fungicide. It is resistant to soilborne mosaic and tolerant to acid soils, which gives it adaptability to both central and western Oklahoma and Kansas. Its pedigree includes a wide range of different lines and varieties, giving it a well-buffered genetic background.


  • Very good yield potential
  • Very good test weights
  • Long coleoptile
  • Strong herbicide tolerance for Clearfield system


  • Not the strongest leaf disease package

Special notes on cultural practices

  • Adapted to both central and western areas
  • Two-gene Clearfield variety for improved crop safety and feral rye control